How to Get There?
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Belgrade offers an international airport, linked with all major European cities. Furthermore, Belgrade can be easily reached from all Central / Eastern / South European cities countries, by train, bus or car.

Distance to Belgrade from the major European cities:

  • Amsterdam 1760 km
  • Athens 1090 km
  • Vienna 621 km
  • Berlin 1489 km
  • Bern 1361 km
  • Brussels 1702 km
  • Budapest 383 km
  • Bucharest 619 km
  • Istanbul 928 km
  • Copenhagen 2018 km
  • London 2073 km
  • Ljubljana 528 km
  • Munich 1020 km
  • Moscow 2211 km
  • Oslo 2577 km
  • Prague 901 km
  • Rome 1280 km
  • Sarajevo 325 km
  • Skopje 440 km
  • Sofia 380 km
  • Salonika 700 km
  • Stockholm 2622 km
  • Warsaw 1115 km
  • Zagreb 390 km

By Car

Belgrade lies at the crossing of the European main corridors E-70 and E-75.
Foreign drivers in Serbia need an international driving license, an automobile registration card and an insurance policy. For passenger vehicles no customs declaration needs to be filled out.

Serbian Automobile Association (AMSS)
AMSS Information Center Phone: +381 11 344-28-18 (00-24)
Road assistance - Information Service: Phone: +381 11 987 (00-24
The Road assistance - Information Service has a network of branch offices throughout Serbia and provides technical assistance, all types of information and transport of damaged vehicles.

Getting to Belgrade from the airport "Nikola Tesla"

From the airport to the city center take the public bus Line 72, which departs every 30 min. Ticket price is 120 RSD (should be bought on news-stand or with the driver).
There is also the fast mini-bus A1 line (ticket price 300 RSD), departing every 20 min in the rush-hour, that takes you to the Slavia square in the city center.
Taxi from the airport should cost around 1800-2000 RSD (~18-20 EUR). Recently the airport offers a service to buy a taxi-voucher (there are 6 zones, depending on the area you want to reach) and use first available taxi outside for the fixed rate (1800 RSD is for the city-area). Check this possibility as soon as you exit the custom control. For more details check the airport website AIRPORT "NIKOLA TESLA" .

Public transportation in Belgrade

The one bus-ride ticket is 72 RSD (approx 0.7 EUR) and a "BUS Plus" pass can be bought at any news-stand (you can purchase the bust ticket with the driver for 120 RSD). Taxi in Belgrade is not expensive (e.g. from the airport to city center approx. 18 EUR, from the train station to city center 4-5 EUR).