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Ministry of Science and
Technological Development
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of Sciences and Arts (SASA)hvs
University of Belgrade

Alexander von Humboldt The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation aims to strengthen regional and professional networking between its alumni as well as to spark junior researchers' interest in Alexander von Humboldt Foundation programs and in Germany as a research location. The very idea of holding the ‘Humboldt-Kolleg’ is that it provides a platform, where young researchers and experienced scientists from different disciplines can interact, discuss and find out commonalities among their research interests.

Many a times these meetings make the base for a long term scientific interaction and younger students are largely benefited. The senior scientists also sometimes find relevant scientific field of common interest, which should not have been possible without a personal meeting at the platform of the Humboldt-Kolleg. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation always aims at strengthening international and multidisciplinary networking between the scientists working in different areas who are ready to work for a common cause of larger interest. The present Humboldt-Kolleg is a humble effort to achieve this goal.